• The solution to spam:

    So the solution to all of this needs the cooperation of a lot of people. We need to post productive and controversial opinions to greatly outnumber the spam and useless crap. Doing this will help Debate. Org become a place of discussion instead of spam. Also, Spammers, You need to stop because I visit this site a lot and you are ruining it.

  • I am Jamal

    We are NOT Stopping and I will not rest until the Joker is gone once and for all! You can sit back and eat your popcorn while I finish this off and when I'm done, I'm going to keep on spamming and you can do nothing but whine and complain

  • No we’re going to keep going

    I tell good jokes you all are just a tough depressing crowd. But don’t worry all you gotta do is smile and open up to my HILLARIOUS jokes and just LAUGH. You probably wouldn’t be so salty all the time like the Batman. I’m going to keep spamming my hilarious jokes, HAVE A GOOD LAUGH!

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