Some disagree with China's currency policies. Should the United States interfere with these policies?

  • Yes, every country has the right to defend its own currency's value

    The United States has no right to tell China what to do, or
    to interfere with its internal policies. However, America has every right to
    counter policies harmful to its own currency, just as any country can
    make policy moves to defend its money. In fact, if China attempts to keep the
    renminbi at inappropriate values relative to other currencies, the United States
    has a duty to make moves in the currency market to protect the relative value
    of the dollar.

  • They distort the currency

    We should interfere and let China know that it is no longer exceptable to distort the currency to benefit them. I guess we would look like Hypocrites too because they probably learned it from us. Nothing wrong with self correcting ourselves and them while we are at it though. A global economy can be good but also bad in so many ways.

  • No We Shouldn't

    The disapproval of China's currency policies is common, but I don't think that is a good reason for the United States to interfere with these policies. The United States is more interested in appeasing China because they hold a lot of their debt. If we mess with their currency policies, they may very well mess with our economy.

  • The United States should not interfere with the policies of China.

    The United States should not interfere with the policies of China. I do not believe that we should be poking our noses in where it does not belong. They have issues right now but they will fix them on their own eventually. We should be focused on our own problems.

  • China's currency policy

    The way china handles their money is their issue their are just some things with other countries that we should just keep our paws off of it is not okay to just intervene with whatever we feel like. If people don't like what is going on with their country they need to take action.

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