• Okay I was thinking we all contribute ideas to advertise this site

    After the whole Jamal drama and the spammer drama this website has gone down and it’s basically dead at this point and nobody responds to posts anymore so I had some ideas for us to help revive the site.
    1 blog posts
    We get all types of bloggers to blog about this site and give a description on how you can debate almost any topic here and lookup any debate topic here this should get the name out
    YouTube videos
    Any small youtuber should do some YouTube videos of like “compilation of funny debates/opinions “ or something with debate. Org content advertising the website
    3 social media posts, People should post links to the funniest debates they can find on this website to their social media accounts and try to get people on board here.

    Anyone got anymore ideas and anyone willing to try something?

  • Head to squareoffs. Com

    Create your questions and participate here. It's lively and growing. It's also a debate site. You can include pictures and video is coming soon. There are a bunch of news sites using it already, But everyday people can create the questions as well. It has a ton of potential. Let me know your thoughts.

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