Some institutions should never be privatised. Prisons should not be for profit

  • Agreed but is this just for prisons or not?

    If it is just for prisons i agree because if they are private and someone profits from them he can try to put even innocent people in jail in order to profit more.Corrupt people exist let's face it.

    If it is about many institunions i agree again because in my opinion
    ports,airports,mineral wealth,banks and water should not be privatised because the control of the state passes from the people to few indeviduals.
    I also think that the media should only be controlled by the state.Ik that the state can cause propaganda ect but it is depended on the leader of the state.If he is good then the media are safe.We choose the leader therefore its better.If the media are privet then an individual that we do not choose is going to control them.And we don't know if he is good or not therefore its easier to make propaganda than the state is.

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