Some PG movies are getting violent, scary, and aggressive. Should we take movie ratings more seriously for kids?

Asked by: GreenGavGiraffe
  • Yes we do.

    Movies like Frozen, Big Hero Six, Beauty and the Beast, etc. all have some form of violence in them. In Frozen, Elsa almost stabs a guy in the throat with an icicle and she almost pushes a guy over the edge of a tall, ice castle. Kids should not be watching this stuff! It is extremely violent and inappropriate. Things like this have been in movies a lot lately. Why are they PG if people are getting injured and hurt? My little sister is three and she thinks it is okay to punch me in the face after watching Anna do it to Hanz in the movie Frozen. These movies are having a bad influence on kids. So what should we do about it then? It's easy. Take movie ratings more seriously. We should have things like PG-9 for movies that fit in this category.

  • Film Ratings are Flawed

    The MPAA and other ratings systems such as the ESRB use an arbitrary "checklist" type system. For example, if a film has five uses of the "f" word, it may be rated R for profanity even though there is no violence or graphic sexual content. In addition, a film can be rated R for one relatively mild sex scene. For some reason, ratings systems tend to go easy on violent content, while sex and swearing are normal human behaviors. An alternative to ratings systems would be a system that lists the film's objectionable content. This would allow parents to appropriately judge what their child will see. Most likely, a thirteen year old would have no problems hearing the "f" word a few times of to see a mild sexual scene. A film with those two elements would be rated R, but would most likely be considered appropriate for a thirteen year old.

  • No. It's not nessceary

    In my opion, kids films are actually getting more and more kid- like these days. This is getting to the point where if a child is exposed to a fictional character facing death, which is natural, all these conservative parents freak out. It's embarrassing to see these films and realize how much theve sugar coated it. To show, let me compare these films with old Disney material, back when Walt himself was In charge.. These old films showed blood, murder, death, dead bodies, and even SATAN. Nowadays, you can't even have a death ( or fake death) of a major character, or parents go ape- $&@&. So don't change ratings.

  • We should be lowering ages

    In society now a days, going to see a graphic movie doesn't matter like it use to. A child doesn't need to see a movie to see things he or she shouldn't, they have the whole internet open. In school and outside of the home they see things all the time, instead of trying to block it out we'd be better to educate children on drugs, sex, and violence at a early age so they can make educated choices for themsleves as they grow. A 15 year old should be able to go see any rating of a movie as that's when most kids begin their experiment with many things.

  • I would think the opposite.

    PG movies seem to be getting much softer in my opinion. I think parents underestimate what kids can handle, and tend to avoid teaching them the difference between real life and stories, which wont prepare them for handling this stuff in the future if they can't now. If parents are really concerned about it, they should watch the movies themselves beforehand.

  • Movie ratings are already ridiculous.

    At what point does a parent actually have to do his or her job, rather than expecting another agency to do it for them? You are worried about what your kid reads or sees on tv or in movies? Actually do the research first like a responsible person. Furthermore, sheltering our children from reality doesn't exactly help them cope with life.

    Never mind that movies for children today aren't actually any more violent than they have been in the past. Ever watch classic Bugs Bunny or Roadrunner cartoons? Violence galore.

    The MPAA ratings are also codified stupidity. You can cut a person in HALF in a PG13 movie, but you can't say "f*ck". You can have topless women galore, but show one man's backside and the ratings flip up to R. Violence and sexual situations? They seem to be fine. A curse word? Heavens, no! Get out the censors!

  • Stupid Stupid Stupid Parents.

    Kids under 8 will always do what they see in movies. It's a natural thing. So them seeing this VERY MILD violence is a good thing. If a kid punches you because they saw it on frozen, it's a good time to explain to them that punching is not acceptable and harms other people.

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