Sony hacked again: Are the companies that produce gaming systems doing enough to safeguard your privacy?

  • Yes, they are working as hard as they can to keep their systems safe.

    As time goes on people get smarter which means they use their knowledge for devious things. Most of these people are in a group and that group hacks gaming systems. With all of the money that gaming companies have, they have to be doing something to stop it. It's not like they are unwilling, it would get take some time if they were to completely overhaul their systems to make them more secure.

  • Yes, They Are Doing What They Can To Protect Our Privacy

    Gaming companies are major entities with a lot of irons in the fire. They have many projects going on at one time, so their focus may shift occasionally from one thing to another. Companies always stress that consumer privacy is their main concern, and I fully believe that it is. Just like any other company, gaming companies have security programs installed on their computers, and they have IT groups specially dedicated to monitoring the activity and security of their customers' accounts. Like everything that gets posted online or in a computer or database, however, nothing is impervious to outside scrutiny. If someone wants to get access to your data, they'll get it one way or another. These companies are doing the best that they can.

  • Hackers will find a way

    I think with all technology there is always a way to get in and there are people that do this for a thrill and a challenge. If it can be created, then a way around things can always be found. Most hackers do it for fun, though some will do it other reasons, like sabotage or money. Companies can only test and keep on top of things to stop hackers.

  • No, companies that produce gaming systems are not doing enough to safeguard user privacy.

    Any time a consumer spends their hard-earned cash on a product, they deserve to expect some level of protection from the company that produced that product, especially when it comes to sensitive consumer information like credit card data. When a company like Sony breaches that trust with multiple instances of compromised data, they should be punished in some way.

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