• Yes, PS4 has more features.

    Yes, the Sony PS4 is better than Microsoft Xbox, because PS4 can be used more things. With the PS4, you can use it to play video games, but you can also use it to watch DVDs. The console is more versatile than the Xbox. The Xbox is probably better for the serious gamer, but for my family, the PS4 meets our needs much better.

  • Sony PS4 is the better console

    When it comes to consoles, I believe the PS4 is the better console, since unlike the Xbox One, it's not a machine that watches you or need voice commands for it to work, which could spell disaster if that command stops functioning. I just want a console that plays video games, I don't care about all the latest gadgets that a small majority likes.

  • I have one main reason ...

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  • Sony PS4 is better.

    The Sony PS4 is a better console, not only for its graphics, but its capabilities with gaming. You do not have to register your game to the console so you can still take games over to friends house and play them, and you do not have to be singed in online 24/7 in order to play your games.

  • Xbox One is better.

    The Xbox One, in my opinion, has better exclusives. We get Halo, Gears of War, etc. I'd say the only playstation exclusive I'm envious of is The Last of Us. Besides from that, Playstation doesn't impress me. The controller is weird. And when people say that Playstation is better because you don't have to pay to play online...Well, thats true, but you don't get the all the features unless you pay for Playstation Plus. So the Xbox and Playstation are no different there. The only real deciding factor of which console is better is really just exclusives and maybe the price tag, but even then they're not that much different. The Xbox One wins my vote because it has better exclusives.

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