Sotheby's and eBay team up: Do you believe online art sales will become more accessible in the near future?

  • Yes, online art sales will become more available in the near future.

    I believe art sold online will become more accessible in the near future due to new technology and a growing marketing. Artists can expand their audience and reach a global market by selling their crafts online. Websites such as Artsy and Artspace are selling high end fine art pieces to the general public. Furthermore, auction houses such as Sotheby's is teaming up with eBay to sell fine art online.

  • Yes. Online Art Sales brings Accessibility to the Masses.

    Sotheby's and eBay teaming up may be the biggest, most important mergers. Now art dealers and collectors don't have to traverse miles or higher proxy for their bidding needs. Allowing buyers to big online is pure brilliance and is at the very basis, the most simple way to hold these auctions.

  • The world of art has a long way to go before it can be consdered accessible

    Whilst I think that Sotheby's and eBay teaming up is an exciting, modern step for art I don't think that online art sales can be called accessible. Buying art is still very much a game of the rich and fortunate and there is a lot to be overcome before any art sales can be considered accessible.

  • No, art does not lend itself well to online sales.

    I do not believe that fine art of high value lends itself well to online sales in general. Most online product sales are heavily commoditized items with buyers and sellers looking to reach favorable prices for both parties. Such supply/demand logic does not lend itself well to art sales, since buyers are often willing to pay excessively high or low amounts due to perceived cultural value.

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