• It wont stop crime or war

    Think about it there will still be explosives and knifes and bows think of it like this for crime some one will just run up and stab you and you have no way of handling the situation or war some one has a beter chance of surviving a gun wound the to be beaten to death with knifes and bats

  • Yes to defend our selfs with

    If you where attacked you would want a good wepon to fell safe with, right?
    Also wars would be much bloodier without guns people would fight with swords and knifes.
    Look at it this way, it's all about defense.
    Plus hunting for food would be much more brutal, bloody, harder, more dangers with wild animals.

  • Guns are important

    Guns have many good uses, self defense, hunting, sport shooting, and competitions. They can also be used to take down a tyrannical government . Do they have bad uses ? Yes they do , but with almost all inventions there are bad uses for almost everything. The computer you are typing on can be used to hack banks and steal money , but they exist for many uses such as work and entertainment.

  • Yes, guns serve a purpose beyond personal use.

    The sad reality of the gun debate is that if people didn't use guns, they could use knives, or physical strength to harm somebody else. At some point, you have to accept that you can't prevent all tragedies from occurring. Additionally, guns serve other purposes, such as defending oneself from wild animal attacks.

  • Yes, guns should exist.

    Guns were invented to give one group an upper hand on another group. At that time it was for war reasons, but there will always be conflict so it was bound to happen. The search for the better tool for attack/defense is a part of nature. With that aside, there are other reasons.

    Guns are effective tools for hunting, defense against someone who is trying to do harm, sport, and many other reasons that don't involve murder. How is a 165 pound man supposed to protect his family of 5 against a couple of 230 pound men? How will a family defend itself when a wild animal (rabid dog even) is trying to attack their youngest member?

    Guns have a place in society as society currently is.

  • Yes, unless there are no more knives, sticks or mean words

    Guns are a tool, they are a tool that has been developed not for hunting as others suggest, but for protection and war, and hunting came along with that. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people hurt other people. If it weren't for guns they would just use other means. If anything the existence of guns helps protect more people than they harm. If there were no guns or other defensive weapons the largest man or biggest group would be able to take whatever they wanted from the small or weak without worry.

  • Yes, but Only for Hunting.

    In a Utopian world, the only guns that would exist are hunting rifles. All other guns are purely tools of war and violence, which in some contexts has been re-purposed as sport. Hunting rifles on the other hand continue to be used as a valuable tool for wildlife population control.

  • No, they shouldn't exist.

    No, I don't believe guns should exist at all. If we didn't have any guns, all crime would significantly drop. No one would have guns to commit crimes and no one would need guns to protect themselves because all guns would have been eliminated. Japan's society is similar to this and they have a very low crime rate.

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