South American cup: In light of the plane crash, should the South American cup be cancelled?

  • Yes, it should .

    The South American cup should be canceled. Not only out of respect to the Brazilian football players who died in the horrific chance, but also becasue Brazil would not have enough time to put together a new team who can re enter the cup and be a part of the festivities.

  • The games must go on

    The South American cup should not be cancelled just because the Brazilian team died in a plane crash. Life goes on and show should the South American cup. It is simply unfair to the other teams that worked so hard to get to this level of competition to not go forward. Going forward may also help the grieving process.

  • No, I don`t thinik so.

    Some of Brazil's top clubs say they want to give players to Chapecoense on a free loan for the 2017 season. They also say the club should not be relegated to the second division for three years as it recovers from the disaster. In further homage, Brazilian champion Palmeiras has made a request to the Brazilian Football Confederation to wear Chapecoense's jersey in its last match of the season.

  • No, the South American cup should not be cancelled.

    No, the South American cup should not be cancelled. The championship should simply go to the players who lost their lives. There should be a ceremony recognizes the team who died in the plane crash. They had a wonderful season and it would be a wonderful gesture for them to be crowned champions.

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