South Australia blacked out: Will the effects of worst storm in history be resolved soon?

  • The Answer Is Yes

    SA will easily recover from this currently the storm hasn't been as bad as people make it out and this certainly isn't the worst storm SA has had yet. We will recover quickly and effectively the question is however as many people have stated "was that just the beginning of the real storm?"

  • Yes, they will. W

    With any luck the power will soon be restored to normal as the power companies start to rebuild and repair. This may not happen overnight, but hopefully it will happen in the next few weeks so that citizens can go back to living their normal lives and recover from the storm.

  • Yes, the effects of the worst storm in history will be resolved soon.

    Yes, the effects of the worst storm in history will be resolved soon because the country will get a lot of help from other nations. They will not have to face this crisis alone. Once more people are made aware of the storm, funds will come rolling in to rebuild.

  • No, I`m afraid not.

    The federal Minister for Resources and Energy Josh Frydenberg was more circumspect than Nick Xenophon. Frydenberg apparently realizes that in the middle of an emergency with absolutely no good information upon which to draw a conclusion, it isn't a good time to shoot your mouth off. All power to him.
    Meanwhile Xenophon has shot himself in the foot. He could have easily waited 48 hours and made a considered comment however the call of the media sirens may have lured him onto the electoral rocks. Ah sweet hubris.

  • Recovery from storm will be slow in Australia

    There is a new major storm system headed toward South Australia amid the current blackout. The continuing storm along with poor planning for such a black out will cause continued delays for recovery. Although the state will undoubtedly be better prepared for future storms, recovery will be slow in coming for the current blackout.

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