South Carolina lawmaker beat his wife: Are Republicans more violent than Democrats?

  • Yes, Republicans are more violent than democrats.

    Most political violence comes from authoritarians, And authoritarianism goes hand in hand with right wing beliefs. Robert Altmeyer is correct in his assessment, Right wing authoritarian followers are the most dangerous people on earth. Left to their own devices, They will destroy the world and every living thing on it.

    The republicans are itching for the purge. They would love to start ww3 or armageddon, But may have to settle for a race war or some sort of civil war with the right wing democrats.

  • The fact is, the statistics aren't in.

    People can claim up and down that one party is more violent than the other but the truth is there's no hard facts. I believe that some (not all) Democrats are more prone to violent protests, but I don't think that has anything to do with their political views as it does that those people just happen to be unstable to begin with. The media does tend to report overwhelmingly on issues of known Republican politicians being wife-beaters. But that isn't to say there is full truth in that because, as one could guess, the media is just prone to reporting more on Republican domestic abusers because they are actual politicians whereas Democrat domestic abusers tend to be ordinary people. Once again, it has nothing to do with their political views. Some people claim Democrats are more likely to commit a mass shooting, this, once again, is deceptive. Though it is true that most of the big name mass shootings were committed by democrats the mass shootings that go unreported (usually because there were not as many people killed, a mass shooting is really defined as the shooting of about 3 or more people) have shooters of multiple different political parties. One could then look at sexual abuse crimes but once again you have the issue of not knowing. The same goes for almost all other crimes.
    I highly doubt that when police arrest criminals one of the questions they ask is "what's your political affiliation/party". The simple fact behind that is that there is no reason to do so. Unless somebody comes out with a real study showing which party has more criminals, this isn't something to be discussed.
    I believe strongly that neither political party, at heart, is violent. This is because nothing supports that claim and the large majority of people in those parties are not violent.

  • Your political identification doesn't dictate how you act.

    Your political affiliation/beliefs do not determine how you are or act as a person. Most all people know that everyone has varying beliefs, and just because someone is something and somebody else believes something different, doesn't mean they are automatically hostile towards each other. Everybody has the equal capacity to be a good or bad person, but politics do not define people in this manner.

  • No, the political beliefs of a person do not determine their actions

    I do not believe that the political beliefs of a person determine how violent they are. It is unfair and wrong to categorize the actions of people based on their political allegiance, as this is a type of stereotyping. How violent a person is will depend on a variety of factors including their upbringing, their morals and many other circumstances.

  • No, Rupublicans are not more violent that Democrats

    No, I don't believe that Republicans are more violent than Democrats. Joining a political party does not indicate prone to violence. The issue of violent behavior comes from upbringing and education, not political viewpoints and policy. Also, a single example is not sufficient enough evidence to characterize an entire party.

  • People are people.

    At the end of the day, people are people. All people have the same capacities to do good and to do bad. It really doesn't matter what a person's political label is. Any person can behave inappropriately if they lose their temper. People are not as simple as how they vote.

  • Violence is not determined by politcal affiliation.

    A tendency towards violence is determined by many factors, none of which include political affiliation. If one were to do the research, I'm sure they would find people from both parties who have been involved in domestic and other forms of violence. A family history of violence would be a more likely contributor.

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