South Dakota legislators seek hasty repeal of ethics law voters passed. Do our votes still count?

  • The do, and the must

    If our votes don't count, than undermines the whole concept of democracy. What's happening in South Dakota is disgusting, absurd and an un-democratic power grab on the part of the GOP. It's my hope that votes will count when many of those greedy unethical jerks aren't voted in to office again.

  • Nope our politicians are bought and like it that way.

    Our votes currently don't count, and won't until we have thorough reform of the election process, end of the two party system (or parties entirely), and money is removed from government. Currently our officials are legally bribed while running for and in office, and then given private bonuses and 'retirement/jobs' from special interests afterwards.

  • Our votes do not count.

    Our votes do not count in the United States due to the electoral college and the republic format. We elect legislators who are supposed to represent us but they do not represent all of their constituents, only the ones of the same political ideology who may keep them in office. Additionally, our votes do not count because in three former presidential elections, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election, so our votes do not really count.

  • Seems not count.

    Stung by scandal and rebelling against a state government known for its resistance to public scrutiny, South Dakota voters narrowly approved a ballot measure in November to impose ethics oversight and campaign finance restrictions aimed at cleaning up the capitol in Pierre.

    But the state’s overwhelmingly Republican legislature is racing this week to set aside that new law by using its emergency powers, prompting cries of protest from voters and critics, who are calling the hasty efforts an antidemocratic power grab.

    In effect, they say, the state’s voters are being told that their votes don’t matter.

  • They do what they want.

    There's a reason that people are so happy when they become politicians. It's because that means they have power. There's a reason that people make so much money in investments while they're in Congress. It's because they are the people who can do what they want without any kind of accountability.

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