South Dakota legislators want to repeal ethics initiative: Should they repeal it?

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  • It was passed by the people.

    No, South Dakota legislators should not try to repeal the ethics initiative, because the people passed the initiative with a popular vote. Clearly, the people of South Dakota want more oversight of their legislators. It's ironic that the legislators immediately set out to make sure that they don't have that accountability.

  • No, they shouldn't repeal it.

    South Dakota legislators should leave ethics initiatives in place. These ethics laws were meant to ensure that public officials would not engage in unlawful activity nor would there be any conflicts of interests. Overturning these ethics laws will cause many South Dakota residents to lose faith in their state's government.

  • The people of South Dakota must fight for transparency.

    Of course legislators want to repeal ethics initiatives, how else will they line their pockets? Sometimes I wonder if this is becoming a Third World country. The people of South Dakota have to raise their voices otherwise their state, their economy and their environment will suffer for generations. Everyone in the country has to speak up against this repeal.

  • No, the South Dakota Legislature should not repeal the ethics initiative.

    Ethics initiatives are an important part of legislature. They work to hold individuals, lawmakers, and companies accountable for their actions and how those actions will affect the citizens of South Dakota. A repeal of the ethics initiative may lead to deregulation that then leads to serious problems, like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. It is important that the legislature continues to enact and maintain laws that focus on the well-being of their citizens.

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