• Yes, the United States should follow South Korea's lead and stop making coins.

    Yes, the United States should cease production of coins for currency. We don't need to use precious materials to make money because the value of the money is not inherent in the material it is composed of. Additionally, coins are heavy and can be very inconvenient to carry, while paper-based money is lightweight and convenient.

  • The dollar and coin mean almost nothing now

    The coin originally was valuable since it was made of a valuable metal but once it became copper and other less valuable metal became our coins they lost their value and soon represented value that the government had saved in the national treasurey but due too recent presidents (not including trump) that treasurey became a debt due too our leaders rubbing elbows with other leaders in other countries and so they keep printing money and keep minting coins which no longer own a value and so even with this in mind the coins still have some value while paper does not if anything we should discontinue paper currency and make the coins our main currency thank you

  • I disagree with this.

    The United States should not follow the suit. This is because coins are valuable and has dated from back in memorial. They have got a legacy that we have to maintain. Let South Korea do whatever pleases them. We should not be doing something just because another nation has done it.

  • No, the United States should discontinue the use of coins.

    No, the mints in the United States should not discontinue producing currency in the form of coinage. This would make it much more difficult to use regular currency to settle debts and pay for goods and services, especially if the prices of these goods and services are under a dollar.

  • No, i disagree

    I strongly disagree with this. I don't think the United States should stop making coins just because South Korea has stopped making coins. This is not how we should run our nation. I believe the coins were used from back in memorial and this is something we should hold on from the past and protect its existence. They are beautiful and also have value. It shows how the country has developed over time.

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