South Korean ferry captain charged: Should a captain go down with his ship?

  • Yes, until all passengers and crew are accounted for

    The captain is, responsible for everyone on board that ferry, he priorities-ed his safety over his passengers and left the ship. An Italian captain is being prosecuted for the same thing, heard of the Costa Concordia cruise ship. Both Captains abandoned their posts and people died as a result, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Yes, Should they go down with the ship? Not necessarily.

    Should they make every effort possible to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew, before they themselves seek safety? Absolutely! It's part of the responsibility you take on, when you become a ship's captain, along with being responsible for everything that goes wrong, since you should have ensured your crew was adequately trained and ready for any emergencies.
    This is why Navy ship captains are relieved from their commands, whenever there is grounding of their vessel, even if they weren't on their bridge when it happened.

  • Yes, those in command are responsible for the consequences of their commands.

    Yes, and anyone who has ever enjoyed the benefits and responsibilities of a leadership role has normally had to learn this first hand. When placed in a command position, whether civilian or otherwise, a person should be held accountable if as a result of their orders a loss occurs. Whether loss of life, property damage or personal injury, it is no different than if a US Naval vessel collides with another ship. The officer in charge of the bridge is responsible, but his or her commanding officer is ultimately responsible for their conduct and is held accountable for the damage which resulted from their actions.

  • Sacrifice is not always the solution.

    The captain of South Korean is ultimately responsible for the accident but he should not have gone down with the ship. What happened was unfortunate but still the captain has job on hand. He knows his ship the best and he has to be in the forefront of the rescue operation. He can be punished only when it is proved beyond doubt that there was not technical fault , computer malfunction. He can be punished but not death.

  • He did not have to go down with the ship

    He should of just been better at his job. From what I heard, he turned the ferry to sharp, causing the ferry to tip over. Then, the only raft that was deployed was his, with him on it. All the other people had no where to go, but the captain was safe and sound.

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