Southern Italy (yes) Vs. Northern Italy (No): Which is better?

Asked by: bettabreeder
  • A Great Real Italian Culture

    Southern Italy evokes the true nature of the Romance speaking countries- a laid back life meant to be spent with those you love. The food is great with its Greek and Arab influences that separate it from the rest of Europe. I am Romanian, and Southern Italian is very close to Romanian, so maybe I'm biased.

  • Southern Italy is the Real Italy

    Southern italy is warmer and is more surrounded by different cultures. Northern Italian foods and culture and are influenced by my German and Eastern European culture. The Southern Italian culture and cuisine is influenced by Greek and Italian cultures. Foods are more tomato sauces and sauce based. Southern Italy is born off all of Greek and Roman culture bringing it a haven for the mediterranean cultures. I am Southern Italian and Ill just say if you ever go to Italy go to Southern Italy!

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