Space-based solar power: Is space a better place for solar panels than the Earth's surface?

  • Solar Power Unfiltered in Space

    Solar power in outer space is more abundant since there are no clouds and the sun shines 24/7 regardless of the seasons or tilt of the Earth's axis. The difficulty is how to transmit the power from orbit down to the surface. Currently, the only way to do that is have massive batteries filled with power sent down from orbit. There are no tethers strong enough to make wired transmission possible. Wireless transmission of electricity has yet to be invented (although Nicola Tesla supposedly invented such a process). Eventually, it will be much more cost effective to have solar power from space. It's going to be a race between space-based solar and fusion power as to the next technology that gives humans limitless, clean power.

  • Space is not a better place for solar panels than the Earth's surface.

    The obvious problem with putting solar panels in space is the logistical issues of getting them into orbit. More energy would be wasted in transporting the equipment into space than would be saved by having more efficient solar panels. This is literally a pie in the sky solution to a simple problem.

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