Space exploration: Should mankind invest in the exploration of space?

  • It Is Beneficial.

    Imagine if no one followed Christopher Columbus. We wouldn't have colonized America, and made the advanced functioning society that we have today. That was only America. Imaging the scale and the mass of space. /Space/! Space would be a huge advancement that we could have in the world. Space is huge, much larger than America. This could be huge! This would be very beneficial to our everyday society, and would help us substantially. In life, we get nothing done without taking risks and exploring the unknown.

  • We created others the same way.

    If humanity were to go out into space, which would mean more knowledge of the exterior of our planet, and how to protect it.
    We humans have gathered knowledge from exploring the world, so whats wrong with going outside the box? There is nothing wrong at all.
    For example Albert Einstein , who created electricity, and who went outside the box that has improved humanity . Why shouldn't we think like him?

  • Yes, it is exciting.

    Yes, mankind should invest in the exploration of space, because it is exciting, and humans are interested in it. The universe is vast and amazing. It is natural to want to go explore it. Exploring the universe can help us understand the human race better, and gives people new knowledge and exciting things to learn.

  • I don’t think that mankind should invest in the exploration of space anymore.

    While the space exploration provides benefits to humans, the cost greatly outweighs these benefits. In 2009, the U.S. government invest $16.8 billion in NASA. This enormous sum could better be spent on other areas such as improving education, cancer research or fighting poverty.

    Humans cannot adapt to space so it is not realistic or worthwhile for man to explore it. Although we may be able to travel a short distance to a neighboring planet, no planets are inhabitable. In addition, traveling to the even the closest star would take several lifetimes

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  • I don’t think that mankind should invest in the exploration of space anymore.

    I don’t think that mankind should invest in the exploration
    of space anymore. We have too many
    domestic issues to deal with to spend any more money on flying to space and
    exploring or attempting to colonize other planets. It is far too expensive. We should use that money to feed the poor.

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