• Space is awesome:

    Because we need to find another planet in our solar system or other universe such as Titan one of Saturn's main moons could possibly be capable of supporting life in the future before something could happen between the Sun and the solar system all disappearing which is why we need to find other planets before its to late.

  • Space is so spacey

    Without it there, we eventually stop asking questions with no answer. We would have nowhere to hide, from our collective human failures. Seeing the ISS appear up there, gave me a positive feeling regarding our (MY?) existence. The 'song and dance' show down here, makes me feel like an understudy. 'Space', keeps me "grounded".

  • I like it

    It would be cool to go see outer space one day Would you like to go see outer space I would go see outer space one day when I grow up might be a astronaut one day when I am out of the house and own my own house etc.

  • It is your opinion if you think Space is awesome.

    In my opinion, I like space, I think that the universe in itself is great. Some people may think otherwise but I think space is great, and I won't judge you if you don't like it. One reason why I think that space is great, is that there are endless possiblities in space, anything can happen, for example we may find an alternate timeline in another galaxy that is identical to the milky way, and the fact that we don't know if we are alone in space, it is the question on everyone's mind, are we the only human species in the whole universe?

  • Yes it is

    Yes space is interesting and it contains many wonders that we have yet to find. There is always more and more to discover in outer space. Just to make sure I have enough words I'm going to say my comment again:
    Yes space is interesting and it contains many wonders that we have yet to find. There is always more and more to discover in outer space.

  • Space is awesome because it is

    Space is really awesome because even the owner says so so it is awesome. Even the owner of debate.Org says that space is awesome and something in space could be able to grant us infinite life just like the sorcerer stone elixir of life though better. So whoever that likes Harry Potter should agree.

  • Space is 99.9999999999999% extremely boring

    Space is extremely big, extremely empty, and mostly deadly to humans. I'm sure there are parts of it that are fascinating, but that is such a tiny bit of it that it probably should be considered statistically insignificant. Imagine a drive through a desert with nothing but sand and every few years (or centuries) there is a tiny (almost negligible) chance you might see a tree or something. This is space.

  • No it's not

    No no no. Space is horrible for 3 reasons:
    1:space gives teachers another thing for them to go on and on about
    2:space equals death more than half of the people who go into space die.
    3: It's just plain boring. NOBODY LIKES SPACE PEOPLE! IT'S WEIRD! I don't know why people like space so much!!!

  • No it's not

    Space is not awesome because in space you would die I know some astronauits go to spacve but they have protection most peiople do not so people would die in space and everyone would be really sad so yeah that's why space should be illegalized. Word word word word word

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