SpaceX set to launch on December 16: Will program experience another accident this time?

  • It is more than likely that SpaceX will experience another accident

    Space travel is an enormous risk. Preparedness only decreases the chance of an accident occurring by a very small percentage. There are an unending number of variables that cannot be completely safeguarded against. Man-made objects, no matter how perfectly sound the blueprints are, always have a possibility to be built with flawed materials, flawed tools, or flawed human interaction with the blueprints. Traveling into places that do not have readily available resources in the event of an emergency leaves the mission open to unexpected events.

  • No, the program will not experience another accident this time.

    No, the program will not experience another accident this time because everyone is more prepared. The same problems will not happen twice. Everyone is anticipating the setbacks. Therefore, everyone will be ready to overcome the problems quickly. The program will operate perfectly this time and will regain most people's trust.

  • No, it will not.

    Space X has undergone some serious reboots and they have done more testing and research to ensure that they will not have another dangerous failure. They have worked hard to ensure that they do not have another accident and they will be ready to have a successful launch on December 16th.

  • The upcoming SpaceX launch will be a success

    Although I think that the upcoming SpaceX launch will be flawless, if there is an accident they will learn from it for the next launch. SpaceX has made great progress in the short time that they have been in the space business. Surely, the engineers examined all the data from the last failed launch and have taken the appropriate steps to avoid the same incident in the future.

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