Spain is urged not to allow refueling of Russian warships. Will Russia be isolated from the West?

  • Russia is already isolated.

    President Putin's actions in the Ukraine and the bombardment of Aleppo have sunk relations between Russia and the western powers to their lowest levels since the Cold War. Since Putin has refused to concede an inch and has instead chose to respond with bellicosity and the parading of nuclear weapons, things are unlikely to get better in the near future.

  • I believe that Russia is coming closer to being isolated.

    Russia's actions are being condemned by several Western countries and will soon become isolated. Russia's only allies at this point are Syria and Iran. Unless Putin makes efforts to reinstate talks with the U.N. there will be no turning back from the country isolating itself. This will only hurt its fragile economy even more.

  • Yes, if Russia continues with its aggressive actions it will be isolated from the West.

    Yes, I feel that the more that Russia stubbornly moves forward with its political and military agenda in the Middle East, the more it will end up isolating itself from the West. The allied nations will stick together and attempt to stop Russia's aggression in the Middle East. In time Russia will feel the isolation and lack of support.

  • No, they will find a way

    Putin and the Russian government seem to continue building in power and technology. While they have not changed from being a seemingly evil power in the world, they don't seem to be losing to many external resources. Spain taking this step makes life a little more difficult for the Russian government, I don't think it will stop them from doing anything.

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