• Yes because it means more money for schools

    We need more money for like books art supplies money for trips sports equipment
    And food we need these things in school so I think we should have them to make more money. Schools need the money for education reasons. This is why I think we need them for are school

  • Uniforms are wrong. Period.

    Freedom of clothing should be a right like freedom of speech. Within reason, That is. It's fair to ban public nudity, But to some extent, Kids and adults alike should be free to choose their clothes. That means no uniforms.

    The 50-word minimum is excessive. Short arguments are valid too.

  • No they Shouldn't

    Schools have no way to check if students are in fact wearing these 'special underwear' so they would have no way to enforce such a rule. And if they did enlist someone to check, They would be committing sexual assault. Parents could sue a school for checking their children's underwear. That is both morally wrong and against the law.

  • Useless waste of money

    All this does is force parents to pay even more money for schools. While it would seem this would benefit the school system it is likely that much of the money gained would be lost in the bureaucracy of the school system. A direct fund raiser for the school would be a more effective way of raising money

  • Children have liberties

    Like not having to wear supplied underwear. School should not be scamming parents into buying things that the school won't ever see. Schools already get enough money by actually fundraising and having logoed underpants are hard to enforce, And support teachers looking into childrens undies. Therefore, Special underwear should not be school uniform

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