Spider Man: Homecoming trailer debuts: Will this film be successful?

  • Yes, Spider Man: Homecoming will be a successful movie.

    Yes, Spider Man: Homecoming will be a successful movie. The creators of the Spider Man movies have developed a formula that has proven to be very successful in getting moviegoers to see their films. These films are exciting and appeal to a wide variety of people, and this movie will be a success.

  • I think the new Spider Man film will be successful

    I personally no longer watch movies from the Spider Man franchise. Toby McGuire will always be Spider Man in my mind. While I don't watch the Spider Man sequels anymore, I think they will continue to be successful and draw many fans, young and old alike. Spider Man is one of the original super heroes in my opinion and will last the test of time.

  • Yes, I think so.

    In fact, I personally expect the film to climb even higher than ever before, if it lives up to its potential and Marvel and Sony give it the royal treatment in terms of marketing (which will obviously happen). It’s hard to believe that there’s so much hype for another Spider-Man movie reboot, given the the last reboot was just four years ago, but Tom Holland’s take on the web-slinger secured a special place in Marvel fans’ hearts after his brief but extremely memorable introduction in Captain America: Civil War.

  • Spider Man: Homecoming will be successful

    With veteran director Marc Webb and Stan Lee contributing to the story, the newest Spider Man movie has a good foundation. It is further bolstered by popular stars Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. Audiences love high-action Spider Man movies and will give this installment a chance. If the early reviews are good, it is expected to be a huge hit.

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