• Spongebob is great

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  • Spongebob forever is what i believe

    I agree with myself because i know spongebob wil always be a part of many kids childhoods and thanos is just dumb af.
    Spongebob is for everyone and it can be funny
    we can relate to the different characters out there,
    stupid patrick, Happy spongebob, Geedy krabs, Jealous plankton,
    young pearl, Grumpy squidward, Adventeruos sandy cheecks

  • Spungibub is betr changemy mind

    Your a idoit if you disagree? I need tto fill more spacer and i m hapt yo bc sopnebopb is muich b4trer than tthanos art nhf because its funny and great to weatch. You aren't very inteligent iof you don't agree with me honestly. Come on chanfge my moind please.

  • Thanos Car Wins

    T h a n o s c a r i s a g o o d
    t h a n o s c a r w o n t h e p i s t o n c u p
    s p o n g e b o b i s a bad

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