Sports concussions: Should the NFL pay for retired players' concussion care?

  • The NFL should compensate its injured players

    The NFL becomes wealthy off the sweat and hard work of its athletes. When they are injured through their endeavors in the profession they should be compensated for those injuries by the organization that put them in harm's way. Until the NFL amends its rules to prevent injury it must compensate its injured players.

  • Yes, Take Care of Your Players

    Yes, I believe the NFL should pay for retired players' concussion care because it is the right thing to do. These players suffered concussions while playing in the NFL, therefore the NFL should cover the cost of caring for the concussion throughout the players life. By running a sports league where injury is highly likely they take on the responsibility that damages may occur.

  • Yes, the NFL should be required to pay for retired players' concussion care

    If a player is injured in any way during an event sponsored by the NFL, the NFL should be held responsible for their medical care, even if the player is retired. Furthermore, failure to treat retired players who sustained injury as a result of prolonged head trauma would be a gross injustice to them, and completely unethical.

  • Players should take care of themselves

    If men are going to play NFL they need to know that there taking a big risk and they get payed enough without the extra pay for concussion care NFL players get payed way more then most people. Yes they should get payed but not millions of dollars a year!

  • Players should know the risks.

    If anyone wants to be part of a sport, they should know the possible problems they face. Secondly if anyone should be paying for the stupidly rich retired NFL players treatment it should be the one getting the treatment or at least the person who caused it, its not the NFL's felt the players were being reckless.

  • No, the potential of physical harm to a player is ostensively clear in the NFL.

    NFL football is a game that involves direct, forceful physical contact - it is a violent game. Anyone choosing to play the game can see with his own eyes that the potential of physical harm exists. Though the NFL has continually attempted to improve safety for the players, it made no guarantee that the players would remain unharmed. Anyone claiming that the NFL should have used better helmets is demanding omnipotence - how could the NFL have used something which did not exist yet? No, the NFL should not be made to pay for retired players' concussion care.

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