Sports star Travis Rudolph joins an autistic boy for lunch. Does the media give sports stars enough credit for the good they do?

  • Yes, it does.

    Sports stars get much more attention for positive deeds than anyone else from the media. In general sports stars always get more attention, unless they committed a crime. Then the media tries to bury the crime. This does not make them better or worse than anyone else, they are just disproportionately portrayed one way or the other.

  • Yes, the media gives sports stars enough credit for the good they do.

    Yes, the media gives sports stars enough credit for the good they do. The media loves showing how sports stars and other celebrities do good things like for example donate to a good cause. However, they also enjoy exposing them when they do bad or unfavorable things. But, in general, they do get enough credit.

  • Yes, I think the media reports a lot of these feel good stories and I think the sports stars receive enough credit.

    I think that the media reports on a lot of these types of stories and sports stars get a lot of attention. Typically one good deed can be enough to claim that they are "great people" even if the public has only really seen one nice encounter reported in the media so it doesn't take much to convince the public of a sports person's kindness. I think that it is silly to think that the sports person needs more credit for doing good, something that a lot of people such as social workers or hospital volunteers do every day without any credit.

  • No, the media does not give enough credit to sports stars for the good they do

    Sports stars are in the spotlight for their athletic success but are overlooked when helping the community. The media puts more attention on athletic conflict and less on the good news. During the Olympic games, many athletes such as Usain Bolt and others spent time visiting poor schools in Brazil but there was little attention on the good message. Sometimes it is best to do the right thing and not look for recognition.

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