• Sports stars are paid too much money

    Sports players get payed more than so many other jobs annually. For example in a basketball stars' entire career, Which we'll say is 10 years, He will get payed more than a doctor whose career is 25 years. The facts that a person getting paid for playing a game and another person is getting payed less for saving peoples lives is not good.

  • Sports is a crooked business

    Only a few players are paid a lot of money. A lot of them only make a few million or a few hundred of thousands. . . . . . Wait That is still more than a doctor and it makes you wonder why kids would rather play sports than to learn how to read?

    That is not right. Why are sports more important than education? Why are engineering graduates sleeping in their labs living off of pizza and cheap meals. There is something messed up about.

    Way too much money and corruption is in sports. I mean the patriots and the cowboys suck and yet they seem to win.

  • They get payed more then doctors

    What is this. Athletes which some didnt even finish College get millions of dollars compared to doctors, Whos jobs are to save people's lives. How the hell does an athlete that plays a game that doesn't help in any way the society except for the enternainment gets more money then people that SAVE LIVES. MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE DO NOT DIE!

  • Yes the sports stars are paid lots

    The sport stars are getting paid much. Many of them are very rich. Think about this. Basketball players's average salary is $4. 9 million. Don't you think that is too much? I think that their pay is enough to feed hundreds and thousands or more hungry people around the world. So this is my opinion.

  • Free-Market at work

    They get paid as much as their employer sees their worth. Even if they aren't worth the amount of money they generate the employer is the one giving out the money so it is up to them to decide if its too much or not, Its just the free market working.

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