• Yes, basketball shorts are too baggy these days.

    The basketball shorts have lost their appeal for functionality that they had in the earlier days of the sport. The shorts got longer to cover up the legs, then they got baggier so that they would have the mobility required to play. There's nothing wrong with having shorts above the knee, it's just all an appearance thing for the NBA. They've grown too long and look terrible. All that material is heavy, I'm not sure why the players even like to wear them.

  • They look silly.

    Yes, basketball shorts are too baggy these days, because they aren't even practical. Basketball is a sport where you have to be able to move around quickly. When your shorts are as baggy as today's basketball shorts are, they get in the way. They look like they're for hip hop dancing, not for playing a sport.

  • I think it's supposed to be baggy...?

    According to National Basketball Association's 2014 collected data, 98% of players in the NBA are black people. And according to United States Census Bureau, 99% of black people have really long ding dongs, or what people called them diggaloos or even peanuts butters. In other words, Black people tend to have longer and larger penises , therefore, if the basketball shorts are not baggy enough, their penises will be exposed to the world and it will be dangling everywhere during the game. Which I believe is something that the world doesn't want to see. Cheers.

  • Comfort is Key

    The clothes being worn by a player are irrelevant, their ability should be the only thing to discuss. Whatever clothing provides maximum movement and flexibility is what players should be encouraged to wear. There is nothing crude or offensive in wearing baggy shorts so there cannot be any valid objection to it.

  • No, I don't believe they are.

    Compared to the shorts that they had 30 years ago, yes they probably would be considered very baggy, but that doesn't mean they are too baggy. They don't seem to impact play and players aren't tripping on then or falling so therefore I don't believe they are too baggy. I think like most trends, over the years, we will notice many changes to uniforms.

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Craighawley215 says2014-06-17T15:50:05.947
I literally don't care enough to vote.