Staff of the Pakistan International Airlines sacrificed a black goat: Is this ritual beneficial?

  • It is good luck.

    Every company all over the world has little things and rituals that they do to make the employees happy. It might seem a little bit strange to people from the West, but in the end it is no different than a Western company having a Christmas tradition or having employees do a secret Santa.

  • No, sacrificing a goat does not help anyone.

    Goats are living creatures and sacrificing one may look like positive symbolism, but in reality it is just senseless slaughter. The goat did no harm, and is not needed by humans directly for food or clothing. It should have been allowed to live. There are other types of symbolism that could be just as positive that do not involve killing anything.

  • Rituals need to adapt to contemporary society.

    While I understand the cultural importance of rituals and the historical significance behind them, I believe that many rituals need to conducted in a way that represents the values of our contemporary world. Rituals involving sacrifice are often considered barbaric and immoral in our modern way of thinking. I think it is important for traditions and rituals to be revisited and adapted in a way that better reflects the society we currently live in.

  • The benefit of performing a religious ritual is subjective.

    While I personally don't believe it is necessary, I understand that different religions have different rituals that hold significance to those who practice the religion. That being said, if such a ritual is important to members of the staff and crew members of the airline then it benefits those employees.

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