• He is a hero

    He saved the world from hitler and the Nazis. He defeated faicist italy and Imperial Japan. Stalin cleansed our world from abusive dictatorships and he made America great when he challenged them to. Cold War involving space exploration and nuclear weapons. Stalin’s nuclear threats made America the superpower she is today

  • Stalin did it all

    He purified the world of the cancer that is nazism. He weakened the evil force of capitalism by getting rid of kulaks. He purged the state of western spies and opportunistic thieves calling themselves officers. He protected the Soviet Union, The Eastern Block, And the entire world. No doubt, Stalin was a hero.

  • Ahem, No no

    Stalin killed a-lot more people than Hitler, Both were evil, Stalin oppressed many people and grew the Soviet Union to control much of Europe causing years fo Cold War, Stalin was an evil man, And I don't have anything else to say but I need more words now I'm good.

  • Troll troll troll!

    Stupid Troll is back and what a laugh. Stalin didn't save us from the Nazis. The Nazi's were defeated by the British Royal Air Force and American Front Lines! Stalin Nuclear threats scared many people and led to the creation of several unused bomb shelters and the space race served no purpose in our history. TROLL ALERT! Stalin murdered children.

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