Stalin vs Hitler. Who do you think the cruelest from both? Hitler (yes), Stalin (No)

Asked by: helomaria
  • Stalin was the greatest and wisest leader of the Russian world.

    Majority of the Soviet people praised Stalin and still they do. Stalin didn't kill anyone. During his rule only less than 800.000 were executed by NKVD. The Soviet authorities destroyed all the parasites of the society. The human labor was highly praised and favored. All thieves and corrupted individuals were isolated, imprisoned and worked in the labor camps... Or executed. It was absolutely justifiable. USSR under Stalin, unlike Nazi Germany under Hitler, didn't exterminate people. Russians never made genocides but Nazis led by Hitler did. Under Stalin's rule the population of the Soviet Union rose steadily. All Soviet people were literate and highly educated. There was no exploitation of a human by another human like it's widely accepted in a capitalistic society.

  • Down with this capitalistic propaganda! Stalin was the greatest and wisest leader of the Russian world.

    Stalin didn't kill neither 30 millions nor less. In fact he didn't kill anyone. It's true that the Soviet authorities struggled against enemies of the state who undermined the normal life of the Soviet people. The honest labor was highly favored, not any kind of criminal economic activities. NKVD executed less then 800 thousand people from 1924 up to 1953. Among them were thieves and various antisocial elements. Under Stalin's rule the population and economic power rose. All people became literate: they got proper free education and free medical care. Majority of people were satisfied with their lives. USSR grew up people with high morality and education. USSR under Stalin won the Great Patriotic War and technically the whole WWII, defeating the huge Japanese army in Manchuria, saved lots of other nation of oppression and extermination. Russians never made genocide of any nation but Nazis did. Stalin was the Internationalist and love not only Soviet people but all people of the world. Nuremberg tribunal accused the Nazi of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity but nobody accused Stalin, and it will never happen because Stalin personifies all the best qualities a national leader should have.

  • Both are cruel, but i prefer Hitler

    It has been estimated that Stalin had killed more than 30 millions Russians and nearby countries. He treated people who critics and didn't agree with him badly. They also marked as Russia's enemy.
    From my opinion, Hitler became a fascist because of his love to Germans. He wanted to help the poor and the needy. He gave people employment and defend his country from attacks. He's such a great leader with great charisma. Fortunately, it turned into a ruthless dictatorship.

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