• If you don’t like Stalin, Your just cringe.

    Stalin saved the world from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Stalin helped Russia overthrow the Czar in 1917 and he made the soviet economy strong. He also saved humanity from the fascists and greedy rich people by enslaving them to hard labor in Siberia. If you don’t like Stalin, Something is wrong with you

  • Most of your information about Stalin comes from Cold War Era US Propaganda.

    It's an undeniable fact that Stalin made USSR the richest country on Earth during his regime. The production values of industrial products and food proves this. And Gross Production-wise, USSR was the best in the world. Besides economics, People argue that Stalin's actions were immoral. People claim that Stalin did genocides and simliar things such as massacares. But they fail to show solid proof about these claims since 90% of things they hear about Stalin come US propaganda and Khruschev's bullsh*t.

  • Yes he murdered a lot of people

    Yes he murdered a lot of people, But by doing that he won WW2. I agree he's a psycho for killing all those people but there was no other option. Yes he killed his best generals and commanders (I need more words to post this pls help help pls pls)

  • He was a criminal.

    For example, There are few documents from the President archive, That can show us his criminal acts. One of his criminal acts was the robbery of a cash collection machine. He personally killed around 100 000 Soviet people, For not going to the war. And even when his counselor told him that Hitler was making a Barbarossa plan, He didn't react to this in any way. Of course, You know what happened next, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, It took a big amount of time to mobilize, And in the summary, We have 26 million dead people in the war, Just because of his apathetic feelings on it.

  • Stop this, Please.

    Stalin is of course a bad man, There's so much evidence that I can't explain it here. Let me just say that you can only get help from sock accounts and hiding behind anonymous, Which is incredibly sad and idiotic. Just shut up, And never speak again for the sake of DDO.

  • Stalin is a Murdurer

    It is estimated that Stalin killed 40 million people. Under his rule, He killed his greatest military and government leadership based on paranoia. He also commited genocide against the Ukrainians. It is sad that Stalin's murders will always live in the shadow of Hitler. The only reason I could here someone supporting Stalin is for the memes.

  • Supporting Stalin is extremely dumb.

    To respond to what the first person says he definitely didn't "save the world from the nazis" he was literally on their side and helped them and only switched sides because Hitler attacked them. He was a terrible dictator and there is nothing wrong with me for opposing that. The only thing cringe here is communism.

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