Stand up comedy -- love it (yes) or hate it (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It is Funny

    Stand-up comedy can provide a humorous release of stress for people in the working class. After a long day, one could return home and watch a recorded stand up of Bill Engvall, Ron White, Gabriele Iglesias, or any number of other comedians. There are many comedians that can appeal to ones own sense of humor. All that one would need to do is find the one that appeals to them.

  • Intellectual and Engaging

    I find it more appealing. I appreciate the spontaneity of the stand-up comedian and how he/she is able to come up with witty jokes in order to amuse the audience. The spontaneous jokes always beats the ones which are prepared prior to the show, in my opinion. It helps to engage the audience and also helps to build the comedian's self-confidence as he tells the audience a joke, which he thinks is funny, spontaneously.

  • Fake and rehearsed

    I've been to a comedy show, And they actually coach the audience beforehand on how we can laugh for the camera. Most of the stand up comedy I've seen use insults, Stereotypes (racial and otherwise), And belittlement, Which I believe is a low form of entertainment for people with diminished capacity. Stand up comedians, In my opinion, Are just lazy people without much skills. They want to earn money with minimal effort.

  • Herd instinct and peer pressure

    What I hate about standup comedy is the herd instinct. Like, he says something off-the-wall but inane, and the whole audience goes wild. Really, now? Are they all *actually* finding it funny? Or are they laughing because they feel like they're supposed to? Or worse, to avoid getting picked on?

  • Abuse of power.

    I did an internet search for 'I hate stand-up comedy', and most of the discussion boiled down to whether particular comics were good or bad. That's not the point. One person being given a microphone and free rein to dominate a room with his/her opinions. That's what I can't stand. Even if they were very funny, I would still not like that scenario. I might laugh, I wouldn't like. It breeds arrogance and cruelty, and feeds on the bullying crowd mentality.

  • With the exception of Seinfeld, which is mostly because of his TV show, I don't care for comics

    I don't know what it is about stand up comedians. I just don't care for them usually. I don't like stand-up comedy. I can't explain it. It's just not my type of thing, to be honest. LOL. I don't know why it is that I hate it so much, but I just do.

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