Standing Rock protestors asked to go home: Was their standoff with the government successful?

  • Yes, no more drilling.

    The Standing Rock protestors were successful, there standoff with the government has yielded the fruits they wanted after the US Army Corps of Engineers denied a permit for the Dakota Access pipeline to drill under the river. Their chairman delivered the good news and asked them to go home but it is yet unknown what will transpire in the coming weeks.

  • Yes, the standoff performed by the Standing Rock protesters was successful.

    Yes, the standoff performed by the Standing Rock protesters was successful. The evidence of success can be seen in the decision by President Obama requiring that the builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline route the pipeline around the area being occupied by the water protectors. This should be encouraging to all protesters involved.

  • Yes, it was successful

    The protest at Standing Rock was successful. Not only did protesters able to bring national attention and news media to cover the issue. Ultimately, they were able to protect their water interests in the face of a very big and very powerful gas and oil industry. I believe it has been one of the more successful protests seen in this generation.

  • People will do business.

    The protesters cannot keep people from doing business forever. The people who own those lands have a right to conduct business on them if they want to. Eventually, the protesters are going to have to go home and get a job. They cannot impede business forever. They have responsibilities to their families.

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