• Star Trek technology advances more rapidly than Star Wars

    Some may make the case that Star Wars Technology is more advanced than Star Trek technology. While others attempt to claim Star Trek technology is more advanced than Star Wars technology. In any case, the fact of the matter remains that Star Trek technology advanced in just a short period of time as compared to Star Wars technology. That in and of itself is reason enough to vote YES for Star Trek.

  • Star Trek is still ahead of our time.

    I am a major fan of Star Wars since I was five. I wanted to be a Jedi and I still want a lightsaber. But if I had to chose between the force and my precious lightsaber or a red Starfleet shirt, i'd be in the red shirt. Exploring the universe or fighting the empire?

  • Star Wars Geek!

    Star Wars is a great mix of Geek-Chic and fantasy. I love SteamPunk anything, and Star Wars is great for that. Star Trek is also great, but its a little too autistic. I used to play Star Wars outside when I was a little girl. All the boys thought that it was great that I could kick their @ss with a lightsaber.

  • All things considered.

    Clearly, this is subjective depending on what you base your judgement(s) on. However, for me, it will always be Star Wars. I particularly like the politics and the intricacies involved within it; it adds a nice change of flavour. With all the Mythos, I find it difficult to not get drawn into, even some of it is *shudders* Cartoon...

    That's just me, but Star Wars is a unique take on sci-fi (for example, being set in the distant past) whereas Star Trek is generic Space Exploration.

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