• Absolutely, critics are being far too leniant

    This film was done wonders at the box office and with critics alike. It was a pretty poor movie. When I came out I ranked it as the 5th best Star Wars film, having only the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones behind it. But honestly I'm not even sure it would score above those movies now. I could write a 10 page essay on this but I can't be bothered. To make it concise. Unconvincing characters and acting, particularly Rylo Ken, or whatever his name was. He should not have taken off his mask, or they shouldn't have hired a dweeb to act as him. Rehash of a new hope, no originality whatsoever. Too fast paced, no plot development or suspense, as soon as a big moment happened you instantly had to forget and do something else. It was a terrible movie.

  • The acting wasn't prime.

    I'm gonna try to make this spoiler free. In my opinion the acting of some of the characters could have been better, during crisis situations. The names for the characters felt lazy, everything was one word, and I thought they kept calling the guy snopes lol. If you pay attention during fight scenes you can tell when the actress attempts to do the action or if it's the stunt double. I have a stronger reasonings but they may spoil the movie so ill leave it at that.

  • The Intentions Were Good (Mostly), The Writing...

    A young hero with a hole in their heart on a desert planet finds a droid carrying information sensitive to a galactic struggle, and then leaves the planet on the Millennium Falcon for adventure.

    The hero has a mentor figure who was prominent in the previous war(s). They lay siege to a giant battle station in space, rescue somebody on board, and then destroy it in a fiery explosion (already having lost the mentor figure).

    That is Ep. 4 & 7. So a rehash.

  • Nothing new under the sun

    The movie was médiocre at best because its just à new hope again with not new original stuff. Planets, characters, situations arent nothing more than what was establish in à new hope. I want more in à starwars more than à rehash story put together to make à quick Buck. Try again disney

  • It sucks real bad

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  • Very much enjoyed it.

    Back in 77 when all this was new, fresh and stunning who knew they would still be making them today. I queued for hours to see the original and while the innocence of youth is all gone my love for a good star wars movie has not diminished. This was a good star wars movie and in no way mediocre, there has only been 1 great star wars movie and that was empire. Much like Star Trek and wrath of khan then.
    Im excited to see where we will travel with this cast and the spin offs sure look interesting too.

  • To call this film mediocre would make sense if there wasn't gaggles of much worse films out there.

    I can't help but kind of hate my fellow Star Wars fans right now. Sorry hate leads to the Dark Side. I'll rephrase: I find myself baffled by my fellow Star Wars fans. The Prequels were panned by critics and fans for forgetting what Star Wars was all about and leaving behind the themes and charm that made the Originals so great. Here those same fans years later are upset and attacking a movie that lovingly drew deep (yes sometimes too deep) inspiration from the magnificent movies that preceded it. Disney spent four billion dollars on purchasing Star Wars. They heard what fans said about the prequels and they erred on the side of the Originals. Yes I said erred, because there were certainly moments that went too far and felt like a rehash. But we are looking at a movie that had to meet unheard of levels of hype and appease a fan base that actively wants differing things. This movie knew that it could win the most people over if it reminded us of what came before, while giving us tastes of exciting new things that the franchise has to offer, and setting up future movies to tell new and exciting stories. To call this film mediocre is to ignore the fact that we are bombarded with franchises that just pump out blah movie after blah movie (I'm looking at you Marvel) and everyone swarms to go watch and has nary a bad thing to say. Star Wars is held to a higher standard because of the great heights it has reached in the past, while actually mediocre or just plain bad movies get a pass because no one expects anything from them. This movie introduced charismatic new leads, a different kind of villain that is struggling both in the movie and in real life to step out of Vader's shadow, while still giving us some time with our old friends. This movie is easily the best movie I saw in 2015 (granted I didn't see them all) and leaves me excited for the next installment.

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