• Yes, because that's where Hollywood is

    California, and Hollywood in particular, is the film capital of the world. A lot of California tourism is based around film and TV, so it would make sense to have the Star Wars museum located there. Having it in a popular location would allow people to access it more easily and include it in their plans.

  • It's a good fit.

    When people travel to California they want entertainment. The Star Wars museum would be a fun thing for people to do when they are on a trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood. The Star Wars museum would be a good day for people who are on that trip to see the stars.

  • Yes, Star Wars belongs near Hollywood.

    Yes, the Star Wars museum should be in California. California is the birth place and home of the movie industry, so it only makes sense that the museum dedicated to the most famous science fiction franchise of all time should be located within the state. The fact that George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch is also in California only adds to the argument.

  • Yes, it should

    It is only fitting that Star Wars, one of the greatest magics made by Hollywood, have its museum in Hollywood's birthplace, California. Already people are going to California to visit such attractions as Disneyland and Universal Studios, why not add one more mega-attraction such as Star Wars museum? I think Star Wars museum would be one of the most prominent tourist attractions.

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