• Of course they should

    Why would they not release the game? I think they definitely should have released it. Darth Maul was an incredible bad guy in the series, and I think it's a great idea to release Red Fly's Darth Maul game. I hope they continue to release more games in the future.

  • Sure, why not?

    I think that it was totally okay for them to release the Red Fly's Darth Maul game. Hopefully the big super fans of the games and everything to do with it enjoy the video game that this company worked very hard on and that it represents the brand very well.

  • It was incomplete

    Why would they release an incomplete game that was still in development when they were dealing with financial issues that lead to the bankruptcy of their company? At least they got to release the force unleashed? That game was pretty similar if not better than the Darth Maul game lol.

  • It wouldn't have been a big seller.

    Darth Maul has never been considered a particularly important Star Wars character and appeared in only one film - the almost universally panned Phantom Menace. This means that people would have been unlikely to buy the game in their droves. At this moment, the Star Wars franchise is in a new stage of transition, with new merchandise to push forward. Therefore, it wouldn't be a sensible move to reintroduce Darth Maul into the mix now.

  • The game is horrible

    Red Fly's Darth Maul game was riddled with bugs and showed incomplete level design and an overall lack of polish. Sometimes these things can be fixed in time, sometimes one fix leads to another problem. LucasArts used to be a label of quality but over time has released some very incomplete games.

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