Star Wars Stunt Double Olivia Jackson has her arm amputated. Are stunt doubles still necessary in an age of technology?

  • Yes, stunt doubles are still necessary

    It was a horrible accident that led to Olivia Jackson's arm being amputated but stunt doubles are still necessary for the hint of realism in a movie. You can't always use technology in an action scene. When the stunt double has a similar build, weight and skin tone, it creates an even more realistic continuation of the action sequence, to the point where you believe your favorite actor can do those things. It's horrendous and sad when things go wrong but the stunt double is a necessary part of Hollywood and I venture to say they should probably get paid much more for their contribution.

  • They are necessary

    A stunt double is a career and it comes with risks. They are definitely necessary in an age of technology. While the technology is incredible, a person cannot be replaced for certain stunts. I don't think the scene would be the same if it were done strictly with technology. While it is tragic whena stunt double is injured, it's part of the job risks.

  • Stunt Doubles are necessary.

    A stunt double is a career choice. It just happens to be one that comes with risks. There is a risk in driving a car on a sunny day and tragedy could strike. Even though there are green screens and computer-generated creatures and scenery, stunt doubles still have a role in Hollywood. Stunt doubles are choosing to perform their job, without any coersion of any kind, or any lack of knowledge that a stunt could end in tragedy.

  • No, stunt doubles are not necessary in the age of technology

    No, stunt doubles should not be used in place of technology due to safety reason. Technological enhancements should be used to obtain images of dangerous stunts to ensure the safety of all. There is no longer a need to use stunt double to perform stunts when computers can create images of the same stunts.

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