Starbucks and Israel: Should Starbucks have closed all their Israeli stores in 2003?

  • They should do what's good for the business.

    Starbucks didn't close it's Israel stores because of some morality issue or theological differences. They did it for two reasons: First, because their partner in Israel Delek Corp. Was not working well with them. Second, because the six stores they set up there were not doing enough business to return a reasonable profit.

    It's as simple as that. If you think there were other reasons, stop watching Fox News, I dunno what to tell you. Here's a link to the article on Snopes about why this is ridiculous.

  • Best for business

    Starbucks talks openly about all the challenges that presented themselves in doing business in Israel. It's not that they have anything against that country, it's just that they have to do what is best for business. You can't fault them for making the best decision for their bottom line. There were just regulations and challenges and it didn't work out.

  • Starbucks should have closed Israeli stores in 2003

    Starbucks, I applaud you for taking a stand, but where were you back in 2003. I think sales and good old American greed kept them open during that time. I applaud them for taking the stand now but they look a little odd doing it " all of a sudden ".

  • That's a huge decision

    Companies should always try to keep a neutral side on things, it's just good for business no matter what the owners personal stance is. If you always spouted off your opinion, stance, and political views, you would lose a lot of customers. I think it's better to stay neutral for a world-wide corporation.

  • No they shouldn't

    No matter what is going on in Israel it will continue to thrive. There is no reason for Starbucks to close all of its stores in Isreal. Isreal has a vibrant economy and businesses will continue to thrive even through tough times. So the stores need to stay open no matter what.

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