Starbucks: Are giant corporations succumbing to the pressure of boycott?

  • Yes, I believe they are.

    I think that with the internet boycotts are becoming more and more of an epidemic. If businesses want to stay open they need to listen to their customers. Starbucks and most other corporations should not be taking politic stances, and if they continue to do so, they will see more and more boycotts.

  • Yes, I think allot of large coperations are giving into pressure all the same.

    Yes, I think allot of large cooperation's are giving into pressure all the same. I feel that all of these petitions are getting a bit out of control to be honest. I think companies need to do what is best for them not what looks good right now. I don't like the ideas of breaking down because of a few people.

  • Large Corporations don't care about boycotts

    Boycotts are the results of a small, but vocal, minority of consumers that are displeased with the product. However, a vast majority of people are still just quietly using the product and company. Companies know this, and don't really care if they lose a bit of business from the minority.

  • No I do not thing they are.

    I do not think they are succumbing to the pressure of boycotting at all. They are able to boycott when ever they want and have every right to. They are a company and if that is what they choose, then be it. Bottom line people will keep going to them no matter what.

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