Stars and barns: Is there a correlation between the red barns and the death of stars?

  • There is an interesting connection

    Red paint is the cheapest and most easily available paint in the world which is why most barns are painted that colour. The reason for this is that when a star disintegrates and its elements disperse into the universe they create a huge amount of iron. The colouring of red paint is brought about by iron deposits, which are incredibly common on Earth because of the vast amounts produced by dying stars.

  • Yes, there is a connection between red bars and star death.

    Yes, there is a correlation between the red barns and the death of stars. Farmers, who are known for their frugality, have widely used red paint to cover their barns as this is traditionally the cheapest color of paint. Dying stars produce a great deal of iron, which is a component in red paint.

  • Just because things happen together does not mean there is a cause and effect relationship

    Taking for sake of argument that red paint is cheaper to produce, it does not necessarily mean that barns are red for that reason. First, it would seem that more things would be red if that were the case. Henry Ford surely would have made the Model Ts red instead of black if the only question was which paint was cheaper. It's probably much more likely that when people started painting barns, red was a popular color and overtime that became the norm.

  • I'm not sure

    I get the connection between the red paint color and the dead stars, but I don't know if the use of the iron oxygen red ochre to make red paint is somehow contributing to more star deaths. Obviously the process creates a pigment that's cheap to use to make paint which therefore makes the red paint plentiful and explains why barns are red. Not sure if it explains what triggers the reaction that kills stars.

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