State Department to reopen Clinton probe: Will this negatively impact Clinton's campaign?

  • Ms. Clinton's Email Scandal Will Harm Her Campaign

    Hillary Clinton's ongoing e-mail scandal will continue to plague her campaign because it reinforces the public's perception that she is neither trustworthy, nor responsible with classified information. If the State Department finds that she let unauthorized individuals access classified information, it is hard to see how that would not negatively impact her campaign for President.

  • No, she has the money and power to avoid a negative impact on her campaign.

    Everything that Hillary Clinton has done so far, including lying, supporting devastating wars, and accepting Wall Street money have not negatively affected her campaign, so there is no reason to believe that a second email probe will be any different. She has the money, power, and influence to sway the media any way she chooses and to keep her campaign out of hot water.

  • No, it won't in any way.

    The State Department reopening Clinton probe will not have a negative impact on Clinton's campaign. Clinton is already set to become the Democrat flag bearer for the coming elections, her fate is already sealed and its only death that can change course. Donald Trump is also making it easy for Clinton through his negative energy.

  • No, the probe will not negatively impact Clinton's campaign.

    The State Department is reopening the Hillary Clinton probe into her private email server. However, it is unlikely that the probe will negatively impact Clinton's campaign for the presidency. Clinton has faced many controversies and scandals in the past; coming out unscathed with her supporters. Therefore, it is likely that Clinton's supporters will not be phased by any new revelations found with the probe.

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