State Department won't release Hillary emails until after the election: should they reconsider and release them now?

  • If she really has nothing to hide, they should be released right away.

    This statement makes it seem like the State Department is trying to protect Hillary Clinton, make sure she has a chance at winning the primary election, and the presidency. If she really has nothing to hide in those emails, then the State Department would be okay with releasing the emails immediately.

  • There is nothing there that would change her electability

    Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in for our next President, and nothing in the emails will change this. Part of this is due to the opponent she faces, who has almost no chance of actually being elected. The other part is that there simply isn't any real scandal hidden in the emails. We all know she may have made a bad choice in having a private server, but there is no evidence that any security was compromised because of this.

  • It does not matter

    She will not be serving any time over this and will in all likelihood not even be punished. So it really makes no difference when they are released. The general public will not read them anyways, they'll be too distracted by whatever is on Netflix to pay attention to what is going on around them

  • State should not be subject to political badgering

    For better or worse, Mrs. Clinton followed the example set by many of her predecessors as Secretary of State and used a private email server. The US State Department should not be subject to or moved by the political badgerings of vocal and narcissistic members of either part. The state department has their own job to do, regardless of whether or not it is an election year.

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