State mandated administration of childhood vaccinations is justified. (i need valid answers)

Asked by: anna_denise
  • If the School Pays For it, Yes

    So long as the school pays for it, there is no argument as to why it shouldn't be done. There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism or any other disorder, and it is impossible for someone to develop an illness from the vaccine (unless it was an allergic reaction to an ingredient or something). Vaccines contain dead or weakened viruses that have no potential for illness, so it is virtually impossible for the vaccine to directly cause an illness. Vaccines take a couple of weeks to work, so if you get the flu shortly after you get the vaccine, it is not caused by the vaccine, you were simply still susceptible to it.

    There's a reason we don't have polio in our country anymore. There's a reason why people don't die from tuberculosis anymore. There's a reason why so many illnesses are preventable: vaccines. To eliminate more potentially life-threatening illnesses, we must mandate vaccines.

  • When it comes to children's health, parents don't get a say.

    Vaccines are probably one of the most important inventions in modern history, and thanks to them, small pox is a thing of the past while measles and mumps are on the ropes. To have a parent keep these lifesaving drugs because of something they read on the internet is criminal. Not only that, but children who can't get vaccines need to rely on herd immunity to stay healthy, meaning that everyone who can get vaccinated should.

  • The government has no place in this matter.

    The government's purpose, and only purpose, is to strictly protect the peoples' rights from infringement. It is not a government's duty to dictate how people may or may not live, as long as they shall not infringe upon the rights of another. The government is not a mother, nor a provider, nor a figure of control (or at least that is not how it should be).

  • Some people can not afford it.

    Their are some actually extremely poor people, and sometimes they can not afford a car to drive to the hospital to give their child shots. Also, why would it matter to anybody else except that own family. Its not like the people are going to infect every one around them. Sorry.......That was really bad.....

  • Don't be a scrublord

    If you vaccinate your child they will spontaneously combust and murder all other children within a 1 mile radius. Also you are a scrub who will murder all children and need to be put in prison for life also you should not be put to death because that is unconstitutioinal

  • We Should Be Able To Have Our Own Fucking Rights!!!

    We Should Be Able To Have Our Own Fucking Rights!!! The Goddamn Fucking Government should not fucking be able to control our fucking rights, it's full of fucking bullshit when they do!!! Guys We have to side up or the fucking government will control our children!!!If you want to keep your children vaccinated then do it!!!, but the government shouldn't be able to tell you to!!!

  • Its not the schools choice

    If school vaccinations are used without parents permission, these parents could find out and sue the school. Some kids might be allergic to some kinds of vaccines and not know it. Your parents should at least have a say in what their child's needs. If the kids tell their parents, the schools could be sued. If parents SAY that their children should have a vaccine at school, then the kids should know about. It would be no big deal.

  • I Am Truly Appalled

    I am truly appalled that people actually want to force others to receive vaccinations. Does anyone else realize how easily the government could put toxins in vaccines? Besides this, do people not realize that people have the choice to not be jabbed in the arm? People need to use their common sense and realize that the government simply cannot force people to get a shot. It's utterly ridiculous and would be infringing upon our rights.

  • Body autonomy and integrity?

    If you want your kid to be protected against the things that vaccinations protect against...Then vaccinate your child. But don't force your neighbor to do it too... I personally agree with vaccination and intend to have my children vaccinated. But several of my friends have valid concerns with health risks that are associated with vaccinations, and they feel they are legitimately protecting their children from the dangers of vaccination, which I feel they should have the right to do.

  • Parents should have a choice

    Parents should have a say in what happens in their child's lives.The parents should have say in their child's lives the government didn't give birth to the child. Parents need to be able to control what happens to their kids or if they should get certain things like vaccinations. I rest my case

  • Not your child, back off.

    How does the government feel they have the right to inject something into a child against that child or the parents wishes. That is their body and the children are under the parents care. The government has no right to force any sort of medical treatment or intervention on anyone without their consent. That is ludicrous and violating in my opinion.

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