State of the Union: Will President Obama really help the middle class in 2015?

  • So, what's the solution? Amend the US Constitution

    Yes, absolutely right, he has no legislative support, because the US system of government is completely in shambles. There needs to be a nationwide debate about constitutional reform in the U.S. The President should have complete control over budgeting, not Congress; he should have line-item veto; there should be proportional representation in the Senate; the President should serve a single six-year term, etc.

    These solutions will greatly help the US to be responsive to the needs of the people. Fight for constitutional reform!!!

  • He has no legislative support.

    Unfortunately, the only thing that the President can offer Americans in 2015 is good intentions. With obstructionist Republicans in charge of both houses of Congress, he's not going to be able to accomplish anything. And we all know that this session of Congress is the most big business friendly, rich friendly, and corrupt Congress in memory. They will do nothing to help him help the middle classes.

  • No, Obama won't help middle class

    No matter who is in office, it is practically impossible for any type of positive action to take hold. The politics of the United States are more about personal gains than gains for the people of the country. If the Democrats and Republicans got along, people would question the need for political parties. It is in both sides interests to resist anything new.

  • President Obama will attempt to encourage the Middle Class but it won't help

    The government has no "real" influence over the economy. The economy is controlled by the market, corporate CEOs and business interests. The corporate response to peoples' earnings are based on their bottom line, or how much they can increase their profits while maintaining their status quo. If the corporations had any intention to help the middle class or low wage earners, then they wouldn't be fighting minimum wage hikes, or more precisely, hiked the wages of their lower wage earners without any incentives. Their priority is to increase their profits at the top, and the politicians priorities are to get re-elected. When push comes to shove, they both will find ways to keep their profits by reducing time or other benefits to the worker. They have no real moral push to treat their employees better.

  • Obama will not help

    Obama will not help the middle class in 2015 because he has hurt them with his previous moves. The only thing he can do to help Americans is to reverse certain laws he created, like taxing people who don't have health insuring, and bringing health insurance premiums back to normal.

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