State seeks to ban abortion after baby's heartbeat: Should this bill become law?

  • Yes, this should become a law

    One might argue that a woman has the right to get an abortion because it is her body and she can do what she wants with her body. And while a fetus is not a body, it has a separate heart. A woman has her heart and the fetus has it's heart. That heart in the fetus is not the mother's to end. The fetus is a living thing. Abortions should not be legal and this bill should become law. Abortion should be illegal no matter what, but it should clearly be illegal once the heart of the fetus is obviously beating.

  • Yes a great Bill for States

    I think that abortion should be banned 90% of the time anyways. A heartbeat is a key point of development of the human being inside of the woman (although inside of the mother, is not the same as the mother). This would be another great step in helping eliminate massacre of babies.

  • They are people

    Everyone who is for abortion has already been born. Each human life is a miracle. No one should have the option to end another person's life before it has begun. Once there is a heartbeart, the fetus is its own living entity. It is the humane thing for a civil society to do.

  • No, states should not allowed to ban abortion after the fetus exhibits a heartbeat.

    No, states should not allowed to ban abortion after the fetus exhibits a heartbeat. A woman's body is her own for the duration of the pregnancy, and it should be up to her discretion to decide whether to carry a fetus to term. This decision should not be made by big government.

  • That's an outrageous idea!

    I do not support any law that would take away a woman's right to choose what happens with her body. A fetus typically develops a heartbeat much sooner than a woman even realizes that she is pregnant. This strips away her right to choose. A woman should be allowed to seek an abortion at least up until the point of viability, and even later if there are serious health consequences to continuing the pregnancy.

  • No, there are better ways to reduce the number of abortions.

    Most pro-lifers want to ban abortion, but what they don't seem to realize is that banning abortion won't stop it from happening, and it won't stop bad situations involving unwanted pregnancies from happening. Both pro-life and pro-choice people should work together to prevent the main causes of abortion: unintended pregnancy and financial instability. Combating these and other factors that lead to abortion will be much more effective than banning abortion.

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