Statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been torn down, Along with other American historical figures, Including confederate soldiers. Is this reasonable?

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Statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been torn down, Along with other American historical figures, Including confederate soldiers. Is this reasonable?
  • The values it transmits is not what this country stands for

    By keeping these statues we are promoting to our future generations that racism is ok. That being racist is not important. It represents that if you achieve something amazing like for example travelling to America and discovering that the world is round could still be praised even if you were a horrible racist, A psycho maniac killer and a slave owner. We can't progress as a nation if we keep worshiping the past. Just because we take the statues down doesn't mean they are not part of the past either. What we want to achieve is getting rid of racism and removing these statues from racist historical figures who promote these ideas will only stop us.

  • This was hard

    So look, Although these historical figures are very important in the making out our country, Their actions are controversial. George Washington owned a lot of slaves on his many plantations. Thomas Jefferson enslaved over 600 human beings, Even though he wrote 'all men were created equal' in the constitution. We will always learn about these figures every year in all of our History classes. Their pictures will always hang in almost every room of the White House. Just because some statues of them are missing doesn't mean that their legacies are gone forever.

  • The actions of mobs are not reasonable.

    If a group wishes to remove a statue there are legal means to do so. For a group to take action on their own without legal authority makes that group a "mob". To take legal steps, The owner of the statue should be petitioned. Then a safe means of removal could be used. Conversely, Other actions could be taken- but taken legally.

  • Just because history is bad doesn't mean we should destroy it.

    The history of many places are very mixed, With people being complex at their core. People do both good and bad things. This is why people are people. The actions of someone merit their recognition. This recognition could be good or bad. Statues are raised to people in recognition. The history of the person is not put in a positive light by there being a statue. The statue is simply a recognition of a person's major role in history. Confederate statues are not meant to intimidate, They are simply recognizing the history, Good and bad, Of the formerly rebel states. This goes for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. These people owned slaves but also founded the system to free the slaves that they owned. Just because somebody does something bad, Doesn't merit the revising of history.

  • We can't use today's standards to judge them

    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, And many other historical figures lived two centuries before the civil rights movement occurred. In their time, Black people were considered animals and slaves. While cruel, These historical figures were just people of their time. Some of our actions today that seem reasonable may be considered cruel in the future. However, That does not make us any less moral or good because the idea had already been so deeply rooted into our minds that we acted without thinking. We should celebrate the feats of our historical figures and respect the fact that they were also a part of a society where racism was extremely commonplace.

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