Staying at home is not relevant for women nowadays.

Asked by: haizarun
  • The evolution of the society wants this

    As a muslim, i should say NO it's the duty of men to work, and the biology of women is not for hard work, but with our society we see a continuous increase in number of divorces, and many of them young couples with only 1 to 2 years of marriages. The women is not enough respected as before, many cases of violence against women are reported, for all this reasons and other i would say YES, staying at home isn't relevant for women nowadays, to ensure her future without depending of an unrespectful men or also family.
    But as my first sentence, i hope that women will recover her place and value that our religion given to her.

  • Women working provide a lots of benefit to he family

    No, I disagree that women should be forced to be stay-at-home mothers.
    There are a few reasons why I believe this should not be the case, first
    because women that work can bring lots of benefits to the family, second
    of all because of equality between men and women working and taking care
    of the kids, and lastly kids will be more independent and their mother
    will get more social time and learn to be more interactive with other
    people if they work. Because of these reasons, I believe that women
    should not be forced to be stay-at-home mothers.

  • Women can have their own assets.

    Nowadays, women should use their education on doing work for them to have a better life in the future. They can save some of their money to use it especially at the emergency time as they do not know what will happen in the future. In addition, women don not have to depends too much on their husband even they act as the head in the family. Besides, can help their husband together in manage their family. Other than that, having their own asset, they also can enjoy their by doing what they like to do like spending their time with shopping.

    Posted by: Ain
  • Avoid to expect everything from husband

    Women nowadays must have their own money in order to get better life. Husband actually not afford to provide everything that women want. If they work and have their own money, they can buy anything they want. In addition, if husband outstation and at the same time there is emergency case at home such as their child sick, burning house and death, so women can their money. Work and no need to stay at home as housewife only.

  • Many opportunity for women out there.

    Nowadays, staying at home is not relevant for women, this is because many opportunity waiting for women out there. Women not necessary have to become a full time housewife. Within our economic become unstable, women should help their husband or their family to less the burden. There are many job that offered by company to women. Besides, many job are dominate by women.

  • They are student and worker

    This is because women nowadays have to study to make them get the best work in future. Even some of them are student or worker still they can do their housework well . So that staying at home and just make some housework for a day is not relevant . Futhermore, when they have their own job they can help their family.

    Posted by: wana
  • Women need to work

    This is because women have a higher education right now such as degree,master and so on. This education can help them to have a better job and life better life. If they have this eduvation but just staying at home and doing nothing,its mean all the sacrifice that they made in their study is wasteful and they will not be able to explore and enjoy their life.

  • It is relevant for men and women

    Working at home or not working at all with the spouse working is relevant for some people whether male or female. Some women, like many men, prefer to stay in the home, whether working or not. Working and leaving home are not the same thing. And if a person happens to bee able to afford such a lifestyle, it can be good.

  • Definitely, the natural

    And proper place for women is in the home. She has many functions and responsibilities relevant for home. For example, parental and children care. While, the man remains obligated to act and to ensure the needs of the family from outside the home. But In the same time , women are entitled to get their right education.

  • Of course it is.

    Just as it's relevant for men, if the men want to do that.

    Despite the loony opinions that it has to be one way or the other, it's up to the individuals themselves. Can we not get beyond the silly pretenses that so many people latch onto? Ay yi yi....

  • Staying at home makes women have enough time to do the family things and have a rest

    Firstly, the most important job for women is taking care of the family. So staying at home makes women have enough time to do the family things and have enough time to have a rest. For example,nowadays,many women not only go out working but also take care of her family,it is very hard for her. And it reduce her life quality and the sense of happy .

    In addition, staying at home for women can avoid many hurt and can reduce some social problems. In particular, staying at home avoid women contact with other men, which brings a good protection for the women. Incidentally, women who stay at home can learn and improve herself as well .
    In conclusion,staying at home is the best way for women ,they can feel more happy and have better life.

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